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Product compliance

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Integrated data and tools: Makersite

Integrated data and tools to collaboratively analyse, improve and report on product compliance, cost and sustainability

Integrated applications

30+ fully integrated applications to simultaneously model all the impacts of material supplier, and/or technology changes in a single platform.

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Fast, secure & in the cloud

Fast, secure and in the cloud enables teams to work together around product and financial data and reduce friction.

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Product & Supply chain data

Product & Supply chain data from leading suppliers integrated in a single license to save costs, and increase accuracy of decision making

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Integrate existing workflows

Visualize material cost flows through the supply chain to identify potential risks to margins

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Interactive digital twins

Interactive, dynamic digital-twins with live data streams to increase development speed at reduced complexity and cost.

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Full product data coverage

Save time with best-in-class product data coverage with 10k+ product models, 38k+ industrial processes, 600k+ environmental impacts, and 100k+ materials and their physical properties.

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Simple, Fast, and Powerful.

The most powerful tool for product sustainability, compliance and cost.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Our support and services are here to answer your questions, help you get your jobe done, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your data and tools.

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