Makersite uses modern, scalable technologies, a massive data foundation, and simple data applications.  We connect millions of data points to how a product is made and used. Data is constantly updated to reflect changes in costs, markets, competitors, science, regulations, and product evolutions. Data flows freely and securely for seamless collaboration across teams, supply chains, and customers.

Makersite is the largest open platform on the web on how products are made and used. You can look up product profiles, model alternative designs, and work with others to innovate faster, buy smarter, and be sustainable.

 Dynamic Data Integration©

DDI technology is foundational to Makersite. The platform enriches a product definition with millions of data points to reflect changes in costs, markets, science, regulations, and product evolutions.

Your Product Ideas

Define your product: copy a BOM or Formulation from a spreadsheet, use a template on Makersite, or built API integrations with your design systems.

Model and manage your product performance in the cloud

Makersite enriches your product definition with data from multiple streams. That empowers you to predict and manage opportunities, costs, risks and impacts on people and environment – in seconds. We keep things connected in the background, so innovations and changes are instantly transformed into meaningful answers.

Your Apps and Systems

You can model and improve your product right here, with the built-in apps and collaboration tools. Or you can deliver insights and analytics to applications that you and your team use every day. Data remains connected, so information flows without friction from sources into your account. Security rules are applied along the way, so data is only accessible to authorized users.

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