Make more sustainable product decisions

Embed sustainability in your product design.

Identify impact drivers

Use the integrated full-scale Life Cycle Analysis functionality to understand drivers of the product environmental footprint

Instantly analyze scenarios

Rapidly assess the effects of material or technology changes in the supply chain on the environmental performance

Evaluate alternative technologies

Holistically evaluate new opportunities across multiple impacts using multi-criteria decision analysis and identify improvement potentials

Intelligent BOM ingestion

Rapidly instantiate product models with simple and fast bill-of-material import and mapping

Interactive & regionalized visualizations

Navigate through components and rich supply chains for any type of impact to identify drivers and visualize regional impact results on maps

Import existing models

Easily transfer existing models through our EcoSpold interface without any manual work and benefit from the auto-populated cost, health, regulatory, and supply chain information

World class data

Use & build your ISO 14044 LCA on world-class ILCD conformant data from leading providers such as Ecoinvent, IDEA, and others

Improvement suggestions

Get data-driven improvement suggestions for your product and supply chain

Intuitive, powerful scenarios

Interactively evaluate material or process alternatives at any level of the supply chain/product model and compare multiple scenarios simultaneously

Multi-Criterial Decision Analysis (MCDA)

Support decision making with clear and actionable insights using MCDA

Advanced modeling environment

Access activity-based modeling of manufacturing processes using consistent and up-to-date elementary flow database and LCIA methods with interactive guidance to complete models

Native collaboration

Collaborate effectively and securely in the cloud with version control, integrated publishing workflows, and team features

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